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Book launch of “WordRevo Tales 2020: A World Without Borders”

The project was born in lockdown Italy, at perhaps the toughest moment of a pandemic that continues to ravage the entire world. The chosen theme, “A World Without Borders”, is a reaction to the current phase where, unfortunately, we witness not just the physical shutting down of borders, but also a strengthening of nationalist rhetoric in many countries. 

The collection tells of the lives marked, upended, even annihilated of those that seek a better life in a new country, such as those forced to cross the Lybian hellscape or the deadly Mediterranean. There are also stories from the past that remain highly relevant to our times, such as the hopeless land run of a young black man in 1889 Oklahoma, or the fraternization of young English and German soldiers at the front on a Christmas Night, in the middle of World War I.

The collection includes ten impactful short stories that show us the contradictions and the possibilities of our times, that tell us about the suffering of a world fragmented and shaken by crises, wars and nationalisms. Yet, alongside those, there are also stories of brilliant irony and great hope.

These ten stories are the finalists to the “WordRevo Literary Prize 2020 – Italy”, a competition without entry fees launched to showcase Italian-language writers from everywhere, while also taking their writing to a global audience. That is why this collection offers both Italian and English language versions of each story. 

This tragic year will enter history books. The hope is that, in such a difficult year, this collection will help keep our horizons broad, unveiling fragments of humanity both present and past. Far, but very much near. 

The book is available in both digital and print formats here.

Find out more at www.wordrevo.com.