WordRevo – One Story. One World.

We are launching the first truly global, social storytelling app!

Here is the big news: WordRevo will soon launch the first truly global, social storytelling app, in collaboration with Singapore-based technology partner AI Innovation Lab.

What is this app?

  • It will enable users to read and write stories, but also to connect to other readers and writers. We believe content published in a void loses out in a world where audiences are and want to be connected to each other and to the creators they love,
  • It will empower human translators with custom-made AI technology so that we can take stories beyond language and cultural barriers. We believe now more than ever there is a need for diverse literary voices to speak to a global audience,
  • It will compensate authors for their success on the platform, offering multiple avenues for them to earn from the high-quality content they publish on the app.

Why are we doing it?

We are building this app because:

  • Current publishing models for print and eBooks are inadequate in their incentives, royalties, and distribution models, both on a local and global scale,
  • Despite the great social and political challenges we face globally, there does not seem to be much motivation to test better ways to connect powerful new literary voices to global audiences and create a diverse, global literary community. 

Who is this for?

This app is for everyone who loves stories, everyone who loves writing them, and everyone who believes like we do that stories are what connects us.

WordRevo was born to tear down walls between stories and audiences. Despite the great technology available in our daily lives, our world remains a deeply divided one. 

And while a shift is underway to give space to more diverse voices, including those from oppressed and minority communities, the statistics on actual diversity are not kind for most industries. 

We want to make our step toward changing all that, by creating new tools for storytellers, the voices that through “fiction” shape how we think about the world we live in, as well as conjure the many imagined worlds that reflect on the fears and hopes that dominate our own.

The promise our app wants to fulfill is:

One Story. One World.

We hope you are as excited as we are! Here is what you can do to get involved:

If you are a reader or an author: do signup for our upcoming beta on the www.wordrevo.com homepage!

For authors, please do fill out this survey.

If you are interested in working with us, drop us a line at info@wordrevo.com

If you are a potential investor, please reach out at paolo@wordrevo.com

I look forward to sharing more about our rollout in the coming weeks, stay tuned!